Tim Wildmon: Liberals Want to “Close Down Every Christian Church in America” October 16, 2019

Tim Wildmon: Liberals Want to “Close Down Every Christian Church in America”

Tim Wildmon, the president of the Christian group American Family Association, said on Monday’s episode of WallBuilders Live that liberals are on a quest to destroy every church in the country.

He was referencing a sloppy answer given by Beto O’Rourke during a recent Town Hall during which he said anti-gay churches would lose their tax exemptions. (He’s since modified that answer by saying only Christians who discriminate against LGBTQ people in the public square would be punished for it.)

Still, Wildmon took that first answer and ran with it until it no longer made sense.

the secular progressives in this country will not be satisfied until they close down every Christian church in America and any organization that does not bow their knee to homosexuality. That’s basically what it comes down to.

There are some other issues that they’re big on that they want to force their way onto the American people, but that’s their number one thing right now.

As a secular progressive myself, shutting down churches isn’t on the agenda. The people who defend actual religious freedom aren’t trying to burst someone else’s religious bubble. We want to make sure the government isn’t playing favorites, and we would love to convince you to walk away from those churches, but that’s about as far as any national organization goes.

These Christian bigots always think accepting LGBTQ people or fighting for their equality amounts to some sort of special privilege. Quite frankly, I go both ways on this: The longer churches remain anti-LGBTQ, the faster people will leave. But for the sake of the people they’re hurting, it would be better for them to just get over the homophobia and find some newfangled biblical justification for equality. It’s ultimately their problem, not ours.

And if, say, a President O’Rourke ever threatened a non-profit’s tax exemption because it didn’t align with his beliefs, there are a number of church/state separation groups that would immediately call him out on it. That’s because they’re principled, unlike Wildmon, who consistently misrepresents his ideological opponents since the truth isn’t on his side.

(via Right Wing Watch. Screenshot via YouTube)

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