After Christian Backlash, Charleston (WV) Mayor Won’t Rename “Christmas” Parade October 11, 2019

After Christian Backlash, Charleston (WV) Mayor Won’t Rename “Christmas” Parade

In case you’re wondering what issues people complain about in Charleston, West Virginia, there’s been an uproar in the city because the “Charleston Christmas Parade” was renamed the “Charleston Winter Parade.” At least for a couple of days.

Mayor Amy Schuler Goodwin explained the change earlier this week, saying it was an attempt to follow longstanding parade guidelines which said there could be “no advocating, opposing or depicting of any political, religious figures or social issues.” It was also a way to be more welcoming to everyone in the community.

Unfortunately, the backlash from conservative Christians was so over-the-top — because, to them, any attempt to show respect to non-Christians is inherently an attack on their faith — that Goodwin has since reversed the decision.

the kind of vitriol that has come forth since announcing the change in the name of the parade has been truly disappointing and hurtful. But I do respect those individuals’ freedom to deliver that message to my doorstep.

After much consideration and conversation with religious leaders from all faiths and community members, we have decided to keep the name, “Charleston Christmas Parade.” We understand the history and tradition of the parade and we want to continue that for years to come.

Don’t blame her. As far as priorities go, this isn’t worth some drawn-out fight. But it’s telling that Christians were so demanding that their religion be praised by name — take that, Jews — that a gesture of kindness and inclusion was treated as a bad thing.

How petty can those Christians get…?

Oh well. I guess they can all enjoy the Christmas celebration as they reflect on how the president they support rips refugee children away from their parents, invites violent attacks on our Kurdish allies, and continues trampling all over the Constitution.

It’s what Jesus would want.

(Screenshot via WSAZ. Thanks to Brian for the link)

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