Trump’s “Spiritual Adviser”: I Took This Role Because I Couldn’t Say No To God October 10, 2019

Trump’s “Spiritual Adviser”: I Took This Role Because I Couldn’t Say No To God

Donald Trump‘s “spiritual adviserPaula White, last seen discussing how she blessed the White House with “the superior blood of Jesus,” is now taking the logical next step and drawing a direct line between Trump and God.

White said yesterday that God told her to take the advisory role with Trump. How could she possibly say no? Refusing the opportunity with Trump would mean refusing God.

White was talking about the contents of her new book:

… I give all of that… like how that got formed, how the advisory board, like, literally, what God told me to do, how I even got involved. Because the one thing I said: I will never do politics! But when it came down to it, it wasn’t about doing politics. It was about… to say “no” to President Trump would be saying “no” to God. And I won’t do that.

That is an excuse Christians only accept when it aligns with their politics. If God told White to do something that right-wing evangelicals hate, she’d become a pariah.

Maybe the bigger question is what she’s accomplished in the role. Trump hasn’t gotten any smarter, kinder, more decent, more compassionate, or more stereotypically Christian. He’s only gotten worse. When the history of this period is written, let’s hope white evangelical Christians are forever remembered as having propped up the cruelty of Republicans at a time when the difference between right and wrong was as wide as ever.

Paula White is a part of that. She continues to defend Trump — and lend him an air of credibility among gullible Christians — even as he barrels toward impeachment while throwing our allies under the bus.

In a better world, she could spin this and say God was testing her by telling her to go work with Trump. She knew it and she stood strong by rejecting the offer. But because this is Paula White, and not someone worthy of being a role model, she failed that test.

She didn’t accept God’s demand. She made a deal with the devil. She failed the simplest test of Christian values that’s ever been devised.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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