How the Biblical God Created Sex (and Everything Associated With It) October 10, 2019

How the Biblical God Created Sex (and Everything Associated With It)

Nothing about sex makes much sense on paper. Nothing about our sex organs makes much sense either. Toss in all the biblical problems with certain kinds of procreation and it’s an even bigger jumble of nonsense.

How did all the rules come about?

In this video — one of his best, in my opinion — DarkMatter2525 shows us how the rules came about.

It includes this exchange: “The chemical waste rod will have a bunch of skin on the end of it, then I’ll demand to get it sliced off.” (Why, God, why?) “Well, when you buy new clothes, do you just leave the tags on?”

If you want the summary, skip ahead to 11:20. But watch the whole thing. It’s so worth it.

They should show this in Sunday School.

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