Trump-Loving Franklin Graham Blames Hollywood for STDs and Lack of Monogamy October 9, 2019

Trump-Loving Franklin Graham Blames Hollywood for STDs and Lack of Monogamy

Evangelist Franklin Graham, clearly taking a break from cheerleading for Donald Trump, let his millions of Facebook followers know that the real problem in society is sexually transmitted diseases. And it’s all Hollywood’s fault. And also, gay people are the worst.

Here’s a topic that probably won’t be mentioned in the upcoming Democratic debate. An incredible 2.4 million cases of sexually transmitted diseases were diagnosed across the U.S. just last year alone. Hollywood is busy promoting promiscuity to the world — almost every movie, every television show is focused on sex. The saying goes, “sex sells.” Well, the statistics in the CNN article verify that there’s a price to pay, and it is a very heavy price. God made us male and female and gave sex for us to enjoy inside a marriage relationship between a man and a woman — not two men, not two women. The Bible says that anyone who sins sexually, sins against their own body. How true. What’s the protection the world is looking for? It’s simple — follow God’s guidelines. Have only a monogamous relationship with your husband or wife.

As you read this, maybe you are one of these statistics and have a sexually transmitted disease. The Bible says, “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins” (1 John 1:9). You can be forgiven! He can cleanse your heart, and in His eyes, it will be as though you’ve never sinned.

Yes, that probably won’t come up in the Democratic debate because we have 1927839128 other crises to worry about, many of which can be blamed on conservative Christians and their mindless support of a disastrous president.

But about the STDs… Blaming popular culture for selling sex is hardly a new complaint. It’s especially odd to hear Graham argue that we should “Have only a monogamous relationship with your husband or wife” given how much he supports Trump, who had multiple (known) affairs (that required hush money) without using protection.

I don’t recall Graham ever chastising Trump for that. Maybe I missed it. (No I didn’t.)

Still, it’s worth pointing out that Graham has more criticism for someone like Pete Buttigieg — gay, married, and monogamous — than a pandering philandering president who’s on marriage 3 and child 5, and remains an embarrassment for the nation.

At least STDs can be mitigated. Faith-based hypocrisy has no cure.

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