Robert Jeffress: The Christian Judge Who Preached to a Murderer “Is a Hero” October 5, 2019

Robert Jeffress: The Christian Judge Who Preached to a Murderer “Is a Hero”

Because FOX News will do anything to avoid talking about Donald Trump‘s corruption, Lou Dobbs of FOX Business invited right-wing Pastor Robert Jeffress to talk about the Christian judge who proselytized to Amber Guyger, the now-convicted killer of her African American neighbor.

As I wrote about earlier, Judge Tammy Kemp approached Guyger after her sentencing, handed her a Bible, cited John 3:16, and told her she needed “a tiny mustard seed of faith” to begin with.

All of that, while well-intended, was absolutely inappropriate. No judge should be treating religion as a virtue, much less promoting one specific kind of it. The Freedom From Religion Foundation has already written a letter to the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct asking for an investigation into Kemp’s actions.

So of course Jeffress was eager to trash the atheists.

This Christian judge is a hero, who ought to be celebrated and not condemned by these leftist groups that absolutely hate God and want to do nothing but sow division in this country.

Not that he’ll ever respond, but I have some questions for Jeffress:

  • Would the judge be a “hero” if she offered Guyger a copy of the Qur’an?
  • Would Kemp’s actions be okay if Guyger was openly Jewish?
  • If Guyger doesn’t accept Christ, what effect should that have on her eventual sentence?
  • Is it always okay for a well-meaning judge to promote her personal beliefs while on the job?
  • If the judge was known to be a progressive Christian, would she still be a hero?

Jeffress will never answer those questions because hypocrisy is a part of his faith. As long as his brand of faith-based bullshit is the one promoted by the government, he’s all for a theocracy. But if anyone else tried the same thing, he’d be the first one yelling about how it’s an abuse of power.

If Lou Dobbs had any journalistic skills, he could’ve pointed that out. But there’s a reason he works at FOX.

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