Podcast Ep. 290: The Judge, the Murderer, and an Inappropriate Bible October 5, 2019

Podcast Ep. 290: The Judge, the Murderer, and an Inappropriate Bible

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.

We talked about:

— We’re having our first meet-and-greet in Chicago on October 5! Please join us if you can!

— Hemant has a new YouTube channel! Have you subscribed? You should.

— Hemant will be at California Freethought Day next weekend. Tickets are still available!

Judge Tammy Kemp should never have preached Christianity to convicted murderer Amber Guyger in the Botham Jean murder case. (2:13)

— Todd Starnes has been let go by FOX News. Now that is rock bottom. (10:42)

— The Associated Press says 1,700 Catholic clergy members accused of sexual abuse now live among us. (21:03)

— A Tennessee woman had a choice: Get baptized or go to jail. (27:00)

— The three moms who make up One Million Moms are mad about gender-neutral dolls. (31:00)

— A pastor cleansed his church after a gay man spoke there. (33:00)

— 8% of U.S. teens say they’ve had a teacher lead the class in prayer. (41:41)

— Bleach is not a healthy response to autism. (45:01)

— Illinois secretly built a giant Planned Parenthood near the Missouri border. (49:43)

— A teacher who won’t use trans pronouns can’t believe he got fired. (53:20)

— The Trump administration is waging a new war on trans people. (56:44)

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