Atheist Billboard Urges Muslim Women to Stop “Living Under a Veil” October 5, 2019

Atheist Billboard Urges Muslim Women to Stop “Living Under a Veil”

Just days after announced a Tennessee billboard to reach young atheists of color, the Freedom From Religion Foundation has put up another one in Palo Alto, California to do the same.

This one features Anissa Foster, a Stanford student who grew up in a traditional Muslim family before leaving the faith.

“Throughout the world, women are oppressed and oversexualized by misogynistic religions,” says [Foster]…

“We as Muslim women can’t keep living under a veil anymore; we have to demand rights and we have to demand equality,” adds Foster. “For me, that means speaking out about the oppression of women in my religion and all religions.”

FFRF says this billboard is part of a plan to highlight and support atheists of color, who often face additional and unique hurdles when coming out as non-religious. They featured Foster in a digital ad earlier this year:

(Portions of this article were published earlier)

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