Pastor: Nothing Angers Christians More Than an Impeachment Inquiry Into Trump September 28, 2019

Pastor: Nothing Angers Christians More Than an Impeachment Inquiry Into Trump

Right-wing Pastor Robert Jeffress, a man who acts like Donald Trump can do no wrong, unwittingly told the truth to FOX News’ Lou Dobbs last night.

During an otherwise unremarkable rant in which Jeffress yelled his way through typical conservative talking points (climate change is a hoax, there’s no separation of church and state in the Constitution, the Bible is banned in public schools, etc.), he talked about the impeachment inquiry and how the Christians he knew were furious about it.

… [Since Monday night] I have spoken to thousands of Christians, and I’m gonna tell you, I’ve never seen Christians as angry about anything as they are about the attempt to remove this president from office

I believe it. I believe that conservative Christians are more upset about an investigation that gets to the bottom of what Trump does behind closed doors (with the help of fellow Republicans) than anything else.

They’re not upset about his racism, his coziness with White Nationalists, his affairs, his pussy-grabbing, his hush money payments, his policy ignorance, his infantile tweets, his shady business dealings, or his constant lies. None of that truly bothers them.

But asking questions about Trump’s action? Trying to discover the truth? That’s what gets them more riled up than anything else. It’s not about Jesus. It’s not about ethics. It’s not about a policy decision. These Christians only care about political power. The idea that they might lose it — and the steady stream of young unqualified right-wing judges who will rubber-stamp the Religious Right’s legal wishlist — is the only thing that matters to them.

Thanks, Robert Jeffress, I guess, for accidentally giving away the game.

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