Pastor Accused of Attempted Rape of Child Says Victim’s Demons “Provoked Him” September 25, 2019

Pastor Accused of Attempted Rape of Child Says Victim’s Demons “Provoked Him”

A Maryland pastor allegedly tried to rape a girl, then blamed “demons”her demons — for tempting him.

According to the Montgomery County Police, Octavio Cantarero of the Iglesia Pentecostal Principe De Paz in Gaithersburg told a girl in the congregation she could stay at a room inside the church… where he eventually joined her in bed. (It’s unclear why she needed a place to live.)

The girl’s statement to police said that Cantarero told her not to tell anybody about what he did before blaming her for his actions.

During the night, the victim woke up to Cantarero attempting to rape her. The victim resisted. Cantarero asked the victim not to tell anyone about the incident and that he could help pay for her clothes, rent, and school. He also stated that her demons had provoked him.

There’s victim blaming. Then there’s Christian victim blaming. As if Satan was encouraging Cantarero to abuse a child and he couldn’t help but follow orders.

Cantarero has been charged with attempted second-degree rape among other offenses.

(Thanks to @RealColBatGuano for the link)

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