Pat Robertson: To Destroy “Powerful Witches,” Bind Satan & His “Forces of Evil” September 24, 2019

Pat Robertson: To Destroy “Powerful Witches,” Bind Satan & His “Forces of Evil”

I don’t know why people ask Pat Robertson for advice in general. But I really don’t know how his advice helps the people who ask for it, especially when it sounds like what he said today.

A woman wrote in to The 700 Club to ask about her atheist stepson whose fiancé and her sister “boldly wear clothes and state they are powerful witches.” How should the writer handle this?

Robertson’s response was as sensible as that question.

That’s a tough thing. Boy. If you could break that relationship up in a hurry, I think you could do it. If there is any possibility of warning them that they’re getting into something that will hurt them over their life… You know, the way you deal with this thing is, “I bind you, Satan, and the forces of evil.” And I think there’s got to be, not only prayer, but a spoken word, “I bind you.”

And I think you ought to bind that spirit of witchcraft that is entering into your family.

This is a terrible thing to have happen, and this young man is going to be captured!

He’ll be captured by those who think they are witches. I’ve heard of this… among other people, where the husband was literally taken over by somebody who, again, had some kind of an evil influence.

I don’t know what else to say except speak it. All right?

Does anyone out there translate Exorcist…?

I have no clue how shouting magical Jesusy words at her stepson will endear her to him. (I personally hate it when people bind me out of nowhere.) It’s unclear if the women here are Pagan or if they’re just dressed non-conservatively, just as it’s unclear how this affects anyone except them.

All we know is that Pat Robertson is certain that Satan is involved. Because that’s a totally normal thing to think.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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