“Banana Man” Ray Comfort Now Wants to Convince You God Designed Oranges September 23, 2019

“Banana Man” Ray Comfort Now Wants to Convince You God Designed Oranges

Ray Comfort, the Christian evangelist best known for thinking bananas are proof of God’s existence, is now moving on… to oranges.

(I guess coconuts weren’t that convincing.)

In a new video, Comfort explains why God must have designed an orange:

Have you ever thought about the fact that oranges, like bananas, have been made with a non-slip surface, just the right size and shape to fit the human hand? How each one is packaged [unintelligible] take anywhere, orange drink filled with natural sugars, vitamins≤ minerals, and enzymes?

Of course you haven’t. Not if you’re atheist. You probably don’t even know there’s a right way to open it, so you can pick up the mouth-sized, mouth-shaped pieces — all coming to you courtesy of the Maker.

Needless to say, oranges have an extensive evolutionary history, and not all of them taste delicious. If this was an attempt to draw attention away from the banana, it didn’t work. Comfort should at least have the good sense of other Creationists to focus on an eyeball — something far more complex — instead of settling for (literally) low-hanging fruit.

(Image via Shutterstock. Portions of this article were published earlier)

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