This Christian Wants You to Know Exactly What Gay Men Do in the Bedroom September 22, 2019

This Christian Wants You to Know Exactly What Gay Men Do in the Bedroom

What does it look like when an anti-LGBTQ conservative Christian realizes no one’s stopping him from publishing whatever he wants?

Just ask Andrew Bieszad, who just wrote a long, barely coherent rant against homosexuality that includes a graphic depiction of the “colorectal regions.”

It is not a simple accident as to why adult diapers have exploded in popularity, and it is not because of the generally aging population alone, but because of the LGBT, since due to their abuse of their colorectal regions, what they turned from being an “exit only” into their “tunnel” for hedonistic pleasure is a door that is now veritably permanently opened, for the thin muscles meant to expel waste material are no longer able to be held together tightly and so as easy as one can stick unnatural objects into them, so can waste material easily fall out.

Does this gross description make you uncomfortable? It should because this is the reality of sodom, and since statistics indicate that it is likely over 90% of Americans support the concept of sodom, they should also support the consequences of sodom too, for the product cannot be divorced from the process by which it is created.

Nobody thinks about what gay men do in the bedroom more than conservative Christians who insist on knowing every single detail — the dirtier, the better.

(via Right Wing Watch. Screenshot via YouTube)

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