Which Candidate for Mayor of Grand Rapids (MI) is the Christian Theocrat? September 19, 2019

Which Candidate for Mayor of Grand Rapids (MI) is the Christian Theocrat?

There’s a big mayoral election in Grand Rapids, Michigan this November. The candidates are incumbent Rosalynn Bliss, who was first elected in 2015, and a local pastor named Daniel Schutte.

So let’s play a little game here. Both candidates were asked a series of questions by MLive/The Grand Rapids Press. See if you can figure out who said what. (These aren’t their complete answers.)

Question 1: Why should voters elect you?

Response 1: My goal is that Grand Rapids earns a reputation as the best midsize city in the Midwest. The best city to work, live and visit. A great place to call home. A vibrant city that is safe, secure with opportunity for all.

Response 2: I would like to help all of the citizens of Grand Rapids to live a more happier, healthier and productive life based on the principles given to us in God’s holy scriptures — the Bible.

Pastor Daniel Schutte gave… Response 2! Did you get it right? Lucky guess.

Let’s play again.

Question 2: If elected, what will your top priorities be?

Response 1: Better streets, more parking and an “all of the above approach” to mobility across our city must continue to be our approach and direction… I’m committed to working with our private sector and non-profit partners to removing barriers to employment and providing access to job training and entrepreneurial investment capital.

Response 2: To proclaim the glory and the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the only “answer” to every one of our problems and challenges… To address the No. 1 “civil rights” issue of our day … the murder of the precious and unwanted children of Grand Rapids that may be destined to be destroyed through their murder (commonly referred to as “abortion”)… To seek to make the city of Grand Rapids a “sanctuary city” for all unwanted children destined to be murdered through abortion.

This one’s more difficult. You may need a few minutes to think this through.

Pastor Daniel Schutte gave… Response 2! It’s possible he mixed up his sermon preparation and this questionnaire.

Okay. Last one!

Question 3: How can we fix our housing crisis?

Response 1: Educate in a personal way how any Grand Rapids citizen can acquire clean, adequate housing by following the principles given to us in God’s holy word — the Bible.

Response 2: Over the next six months we will work with community partners to complete a housing needs assessment that will provide accurate and comprehensive data and information on which to base future decisions.

Pastor Daniel Schutte gave… Response 1! Did I trick you right there?! I did, didn’t I? You had no idea. Let that be a lesson to you.

I’m tempted to say this should be an easy election since there’s only one legitimate candidate… but I said that in 2016, and everything in the world has been awful ever since.

Don’t screw this up, Grand Rapids. You already gave us Betsy DeVos. Don’t create another embarrassment.

(Screenshots via YouTube. Thanks to Brian for the link)

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