Preacher: Trump Will Bring About the “Greatest Spiritual Awakening in History” September 18, 2019

Preacher: Trump Will Bring About the “Greatest Spiritual Awakening in History”

Pastor James Robison has always been on the side of whatever Republican is in elected office. He’s currently serving on Donald Trump‘s Evangelical Advisory Board. Still, it’s strange to hear him brag about Trump as a savior rather than just supporting his policies.

In a video posted Monday, Robison argued that Trump was going to usher in the “greatest spiritual awakening in history.”

Every great and positive thing that is happening today is happening as an answer to the prayers of committed, sold-out people God often refers to as The Remnant,” Robison said. “I believe the positive things that are happening are an answer to prayer, and I believe the willingness of this man to stand up against all the assault and keep trying to do what he believes is best is a miracle of God.

“I believe if we keep praying, [God] will hear and he will have people sitting in front of [the president] who will so speak the truth with conviction, convincingly and with wisdom, and I believe he will respond,” Robison added. “I think we can witness the greatest spiritual awakening in history and one of the least likely people, many of you would say, will be used by God to accomplish God’s will for the blessing and benefit of this nation.”

If by spiritual awakening, he meant opening our eyes from the nightmare in front of us, maybe he’d have a point, but that’s obviously not what he was going for…

Trump is on the path to spiritual awakening just like Mike Pence is on the path to becoming a feminist.

Though maybe Robison has a point. Trump is ushering an awakening in that he’s revealing just how many Christians were never all that serious about their so-called “values” in the first place. There’s nothing remotely Christ-like about this president, yet many white evangelicals still support him.

That reveals either a strong case of cognitive dissonance or complete and utter hypocrisy. So thanks, Trump, I guess…

(via Right Wing Watch)

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