Serial Liar Sean Spicer: Keep Me on Dancing With the Stars… For Jesus! September 17, 2019

Serial Liar Sean Spicer: Keep Me on Dancing With the Stars… For Jesus!

Sean Spicer, the former White House Press Secretary and Donald Trump sycophant who lied to the country repeatedly before Sarah Huckabee Sanders replaced him and did the same damn thing, is now competing on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. Because “Stars” has no meaning anymore and there are no consequences for being a national disgrace.

Yesterday was his first episode and it didn’t go well. Turns out he’s better at telling the truth than tapping his toes. But he’s already preparing for his inevitable boot by pretending his loss would represent some kind of anti-Christian bigotry.

He makes it sound like the judges accurately trashing his dancing abilities is a reflection of their politics. There’s no reason to think that. He scored a paltry 12 points out of 30, but another duo scored lower. (The audience “vote” is also considered in the rankings when deciding who gets kicked off the show.) You can see for yourself why they weren’t praising his skills:

The bigger issue is this odd suggestion that Spicer’s time on the show is a proxy for Christianity. Not just because there have been plenty of conservative Christians on the show before — Tucker Carlson, Rick Perry, Tom DeLay, Bristol Palin — but because Spicer is hardly a respectable role model for any religion.

His entire claim to fame is lying about objective reality. He represented a president who has used his power to hurt as many minority groups as he can get away with, all while enriching himself and having no discernible skills. And yet Spicer thinks keeping him on the show is a way for Christians to take a “stand” against a secular culture.

Jesus died so Sean Spicer could do the salsa. Mike Huckabee may be dumb enough to believe that. No one else should.

At least give Spicer credit for one thing: We now have a new reason to reject Christianity.

(Thanks to Jay for the link)

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