Jesse Lee Peterson: “A True Christian Is Never Depressed” September 16, 2019

Jesse Lee Peterson: “A True Christian Is Never Depressed”

Conservative radio host Jesse Lee Peterson, last seen saying a pastor who died of suicide was being controlled by Satan, would like to reiterate that anyone who’s depressed — ever — isn’t really a True Christian™.

“A true Christian is never depressed or has suicidal thoughts,” Peterson said. “There are Christians who believe that you can be born-again of God but still sin. Anyone who sins are subject and are slaves to those things and so, if you still sin and call yourself a man or woman of God, you are a liar and the truth is not in you. Christ came so that you should not sin once you are born-again because sin is of your father, the devil.”

“One of the reasons that you are seeing all of these Christians who are depressed and [having] suicidal thoughts and committing suicide and living just like the world is because they are still of the world,” he added. “Satan is still their daddy.”

There are churches that advertise their services by saying “No perfect people allowed.” The idea is that we’re all sinners, but there’s something better waiting for you, and Christianity can help you get there. Peterson, though, is using that reality as a weapon. If you’re struggling with anything — because you’re human and that’s life — then his faith is too good for your kind. It’s the sort of mindset that could lead to even further depression.

Never invite Jesse Lee Peterson to deliver a eulogy or else you’ll be subject to a long rant about how the dead man brought this upon himself by not being as faithful as he should’ve been. At least Peterson is just ranting on a radio show and not preaching to people going through a rough time.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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