Dennis Prager: Prager University, Which Isn’t a University, is a University September 14, 2019

Dennis Prager: Prager University, Which Isn’t a University, is a University

If you’ve ever stumbled upon a “Prager University” video on YouTube, then (1) I’m sorry, (2) You’ve gone down the wrong rabbit hole, and (3) you’re not any smarter now. The entire channel is just right-wing propaganda mixed with Christian Nationalism. (Sample video: If God doesn’t exist, then murder isn’t wrong!)

In a recent video, however, Dennis Prager responded to the claim that he doesn’t actually run a university (which he doesn’t) by insisting that he does… if you change the definition of “university.”

“Now if ‘university’ means by definition you grant degrees and you are accredited by whoever accredits universities to be a degree-granting place, then we’re not a university,” Prager said.

“But is that the only definition? My contention is that it is a university, but it doesn’t grant degrees and it’s not accredited, and that’s absolutely accurate. We don’t portray ourselves as what we’re not. But if a university is a place to learn and learn and learn, and study and study and study, and gain wisdom, then why aren’t we a university?” Prager rhetorically asked.

A university is a place that grants degrees. That’s it. That’s why Liberty University can use the word even though you don’t learn anything, but a YouTube video that teaches you stuff is, at best, a good YouTube video.

PragerU isn’t good and it’s not a university. It’s just Prager and people dumber than Prager promoting nonsense for people who consider Ben Shapiro intelligent.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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