Even Liberty U. Students Are Starting to Push Back Against Jerry Falwell, Jr. September 13, 2019

Even Liberty U. Students Are Starting to Push Back Against Jerry Falwell, Jr.

How much worse can things get for Jerry Falwell, Jr.?

The past week has seen even more exposure given to his shady business dealings, the way he brags about his sex life and offers up pictures of his wife to people like his personal trainer, the way he wields power over people at Liberty University, how he wants the FBI to investigate the breach of security at his school, and getting called out on his idiotic lies about going to a Miami nightclub.

But wait! There’s more! He’s hired “the meanest lawyer in New York” to go after his colleagues and had emails leaked in which he called a student “emotionally imbalanced and physically retarded” and referred to the school’s police chief as a “half-wit.”

And now even students at Liberty are planning a protest in order to get the school to formally investigate Falwell (because I guess the secular media can’t be trusted). That story comes from Will Young, the former editor-in-chief of Liberty’s student newspaper… at least before they punished him for trying to report news.

“The mood is changing from ‘We wish Jerry would keep quiet’ to ‘We wish we had better representation for our school,’” [student Ian] Parish said. “Jerry doesn’t have our best interests at heart. He doesn’t share Liberty’s mission statement to train champions for Christ.”

[Organizer Elizabeth] Brooks and Parish, whom Falwell has blocked on Twitter for his repeated criticism, said that they anticipate a turnout of no more than two dozen students, but since announcing the protest, they have seen a broader response from students on social media.

What’s surprising is that Liberty hasn’t pre-emptively shut down the protest already. But the real question is whether administrators will give a damn about student restlessness and take any kind of action. If the articles have taught us anything, it’s that the whole damn school lives in fear of Falwell. They don’t want to cross him and there’s reason to think they don’t want to investigate him either.

Kudos to the students who end up protesting. They’re becoming restless. They’re getting closer to realizing Liberty was never about advancing their education but about promoting Falwell’s business and political interests.

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