After “Rejecting” the Prosperity Gospel, Benny Hinn Wants “Seed Money” Again September 13, 2019

After “Rejecting” the Prosperity Gospel, Benny Hinn Wants “Seed Money” Again

Faith healer and televangelist Benny Hinn has been getting a lot of positive press for saying he has corrected his own theology and now thinks “it’s an offense to the Lord… to say give $1,000.” In other words, he will no longer be asking for “seed money” like so many televangelists do.

As we pointed out, he’s said this sort of thing before. He’s always lied. There was no reason to believe him now.

But in case you need a little more convincing, check this out. Hinn posted this video on his ministry’s website yesterday — I repeat, yesterday — and it’s virtually identical to his pre-revelation schtick:

At the 26:30 mark, Hinn states very clearly:

… Now you know what to do. You have to sow seed… There’s a number on the screen. You call that now and sow your seed. And believe your miracle is on the way!

So… either he forgot his own “revised” policy or he was just bullshitting his audience last week when he said he’s a changed man.

He’s a televangelist. You know the right answer.

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