Trump’s Faith Adviser Blessed the White House with “the Superior Blood of Jesus” September 11, 2019

Trump’s Faith Adviser Blessed the White House with “the Superior Blood of Jesus”

In some kind of creepy Christian rain dance, Paula White, the “spiritual adviser” to Donald Trump, told a church audience last month that she blessed the White House, calling it “holy ground,” and saying it was now covered by “the superior blood of Jesus.”

So take that, Jews.

She made the remarks at the California church of preacher Morris Cerullo:

“You better believe I’m praying,” she said. “You better believe I’m up there singing the name of Jesus. You better believe I’m walking around those parameters saying, ‘I lift this up and I dedicate every ounce of this place as holy ground and I dedicate it by the superior blood of Jesus.’ And every door that God opens for me, I invoke the name of Jesus. I release angels right now and the Holy Spirit and walls of fire. I burn up every demonic altar in the name of Jesus and I call it to crumble and any assignment by any principality, power, darkness, and wickedness against this nation, against other nations, is coming down in the name of Jesus. Let it all fall down, let it crumble, by the fire of God, let it be burned right now. I erect the altar of God right now, I renounce every demonic spirit, I renounce every covenant made with Satan.

Her attempts to eradicate evil from the White House failed. He’s still there, tweeting right now.

White also mocked the idea of free healthcare and education, claiming that such programs would “destroy the black community.” Because if there’s one thing this administration is known for, it’s championing minority rights.

White also claimed that California schools were trying to teach little kids about condoms. But she didn’t say the C-word.

Right now, we’re fighting in California — in third grade, in fifth grade — they put certain things on certain vegetables and teach them how to insert them in certain parts of the anatomy.

That’s… not what third graders are taught. It’s amazing how White can “minister” to a thrice-married, affair-having, porn star-paying president, but teaching kids about condoms is too taboo for Christians like her to think about.

But this is white evangelical Christianity in the age of Trump. They worship hypocrisy and power, while suggesting that non-Christians are the real problems in society.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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