Pastor E.W. Jackson: “Normal People” Find Homosexuality “Disgusting” September 11, 2019

Pastor E.W. Jackson: “Normal People” Find Homosexuality “Disgusting”

E.W. Jackson, the radio host and failed U.S. Senate candidate who recently said Pete Buttigieg wants to turn the nation into a “homocracy,” now says that “normal people” find homosexuality “disgusting.”

He made the comment while ranting about Buttigieg on his “The Awakening” radio program:

“Of all the candidates, the one that I find the most loathsome, frankly, is Pete Buttigieg,” Jackson said, railing against the fact that Buttigieg “stood up on stage and gave a big, wet smacking kiss to his male homosexual husband, lover, whatever he is supposed to be.”

“I do find that thoroughly disgusting,” he said. “Homosexuality is not normal and normal people find it disgusting.”

“Normal people” don’t obsess over what they think is repulsive.

I can’t stress this enough: No one thinks about gay people having sex more than conservative Christians who don’t want them having sex.

Jackson is, of course, entitled to think whatever he wants about homosexuality. But gay men aren’t demanding the right to have sex with Jackson watching in the corner. His disgust is irrelevant. Unlike them, though, Jackson insists his disgust become public policy. If he doesn’t like something, it must be law.

These are the same right-wing types who call other people “snowflakes” for not being able to handle differences of opinion.

Jackson went on to say that Buttigieg’s Christianity was even more perverse than his homosexuality because his faith guides his liberal views.

“When you start invoking God, you have gone beyond your sin, you are into blasphemous sin,” he said. “You know what I liken this to? I liken this to, folks, to a pastor or a priest utilizing, exploiting a vulnerable member of his or her parish or church and telling them that this is what God wants them to do. They are sexually abusing someone in their parish and then using God as an excuse, ‘Well, God wants you to do this.’ Folks, to me, that’s more perverse than the sin itself … How can you invoke God’s name as justification for your sin? I find that so appallingly depraved that I can’t even find the words to express it, and that’s what Pete Buttigieg is doing.”

Uh-oh. Jackson accidentally told the truth. Pastors telling gay men what they can’t do because God said so is precisely how conservative Christianity works. Apparently, that’s “blasphemous sin.”

Jackson is such a perfect example of right-wing hypocrisy. He wants freedom, but not for gay men. He wants political candidates to be more religious, but not if their faith makes them more progressive. He thinks he represents “normal people” when he’s on the fringes.

I hope he keeps talking. Let white evangelicals be forever stained with the ignorance of men like these. Some of them are eventually going to be repulsed enough to walk away.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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