Trump: Democrats (Most of Whom Are Christian) Aren’t “Big Believers in Religion” September 10, 2019

Trump: Democrats (Most of Whom Are Christian) Aren’t “Big Believers in Religion”

During a rally in North Carolina last night, a thrice-married, affair-having, porn star-paying, constantly lying, sexually assaulting Republican who when asked if he was an Old or New Testament sort of guy said he was “probably equal” told his audience that Democrats weren’t religious enough for the country.

Donald Trump downplayed the progressive religiosity coming from Democrats — you know, the “blessed are the meek,” “love your neighbor,” “feed the hungry,” “turn the other cheek” garbage that he hates — by insisting it didn’t really matter because conservative Christians weren’t fans of it.

… You know, the other side, they’re not big believers. They’re not big believers in religion, that I can tell you. You listen to some of ’em. They’re trying. They’re trying to put out little statements. They’re not working too well. Those statements are a little bit, sort of, not too good, huh? What is the word we want to use here…? They’re pushing a little hard and it’s not working.


I know it’s Trump, so this is obviously a lie, but let’s fact-check this since the Democrats are not a party of atheists.

Here’s some data from Professor Ryan P. Burge of Eastern Illinois University, who wanted to show how the makeup of the Democratic party had changed over time:

Look at that bottom row. “No religion” may be the largest single group within the Democratic Party today, but most of those people believe in the sort of wishy-washy spirituality that keeps Marianne Williamson in the race. Still, 72% of Democrats are religious while 60% of them are some kind of Christian.

This is a religious party. This is a majority Christian party. But this is also a party that doesn’t usually go overboard with religion because — gasp — not everyone believes in the same thing and they respect church/state separation. Still, God-talk has always been part of the rhetorical playbook, whether it’s President Obama singing “Amazing Grace” in a South Carolina church or Pete Buttigieg talking about how his Christian faith inspires him to help the marginalized.

A Republican Party that has long used Christianity as a weapon to hurt women, people of color, immigrants, LGBTQ people, etc. has no business condemning the faith of other people just because they’re not interested in building a conservative theocracy.

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