Sebastian Gorka: When Schools Ban the Bible, It Leads to “Death Camps” September 10, 2019

Sebastian Gorka: When Schools Ban the Bible, It Leads to “Death Camps”

During an interview with Focus on the Family’s Jim Daly (who still has no idea why people hate his organization), Trump acolyte and former White House aide Sebastian Gorka brought up the controversy involving NFL quarterback Drew Brees and his commercial urging kids to bring their Bible to school. The backlash against Brees had everything to do with his association with an anti-LGBTQ hate group that promotes conversion therapy and denies the existence of transgender people, among other awful things.

At one point, Daly claimed the status quo amounted to “fascism.” (He works for a group that promotes lies, so we shouldn’t expect any different from its leader.)

Gorka, with his usual hyperbole, promoted the Bible event, but then he turned it up to 11 by saying if kids aren’t allowed to bring a Bible to school, it’s like “death camps.”

… Well, when books, when the Bible, is being banned, or people are ashamed to actually have the Good Book in their possession in public, that way leads to the real concentration camps and the death camps.

The Bible isn’t banned.

The Bible isn’t banned in school.

If anyone’s ashamed of the Bible, it’s because of people like Daly and Gorka, not because of atheists. (At least atheists have likely read the damn book.) And being embarrassed about doing something that’s legal doesn’t make you a persecuted minority. These men so desperately want to be martyrs that they have no problem comparing themselves to Jews during the Holocaust.

In case you’re wondering, Daly didn’t push back on Gorka at all. He just let those comments slide. (You can hear it at the 9:30 mark of this audio.) It’s proof that he’s just as awful as the rest of these people despite his repeated attempts to cast himself as above the culture wars. He’s not above it. He’s part of it. He’s James Dobson reincarnate.

By the way, elsewhere in that clip, Gorka remarks that if there was a movement for kids to bring a Karl Marx book to school, “there would have been no backlash.” (None! Who knew?!) Daly, always obsequious, agreed: “Probably not!”

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