Christian “Prophet”: God’s Keeping Ruth Bader Ginsburg Alive So She Can “Repent” September 10, 2019

Christian “Prophet”: God’s Keeping Ruth Bader Ginsburg Alive So She Can “Repent”

Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has successfully (and thankfully) made it through multiple cancer operations over the past couple of years. She’s become an iconic hero for liberals and a source of frustration for Republicans eager to replace her with a young far-right conservative on the Supreme Court while they have the chance.

So why is the 86-year-old justice still alive? Can we thank her doctors and a rigorous exercise protocol?

Nope, says self-proclaimed Christian “prophet” James Goll. During an appearance on The Jim Bakker Show, Goll claimed that the only reason Ginsburg was alive was because God wanted to give her a chance to repent before it was too late.

“Will [Trump] be re-elected? It is, I believe, the Father’s will, but we must align with the Father’s choice,” Goll said. “I know who is supposed to resign. The Holy Spirit spoke to me that if this justice — he is going to give this particular justice time to repent. I know who it is, he told me by name. I’m not going to say [on] air the name of the person; I think you can figure it out.”

“He told me he was going to give time for this particular justice to repent, to come to the Lord,” Goll added. “If they don’t, they will be removed.”

(Spoiler: He’s clearly talking about RBG.)

What does she have to repent for? Beats me. She’s Jewish, though not a practicing one, and she’s been a rock solid pro-choice justice over the years… so take your pick I guess. Conservatives have been predicting her demise for years with little to show for it.

And as RBG said so memorably in a recent interview, “There was a senator, I think it was after my pancreatic cancer, who announced with great glee that I was going to be dead within six months… That senator, whose name I have forgotten, is now himself dead, and I… am very much alive.”

(via Right Wing Watch)

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