Pastor Rick Joyner: Christians Must Create Militias for the Impending Civil War September 7, 2019

Pastor Rick Joyner: Christians Must Create Militias for the Impending Civil War

Right-wing pastor Rick Joyner, the head of MorningStar Ministries, recently blamed liberals for the rise of white supremacy because they challenge racism.

Now, still convinced that conservatives are under attack, he’s encouraging Christians to form their own militias in preparation for a civil war.

He made the comments on The Jim Bakker Show.

“The Second Amendment is linked to militias,” Joyner said. “We were meant to have militias throughout the country to defend our communities … I think there is going to be a militia movement that unites and supports and is open about what they are doing and they are going to be trained and prepared to defend their communities.”

“If Christians don’t get involved in things like that, [the] wrong people will get in,” he added. “Christians need to get in to set the course. We’re not just going to attack other races; we’re here to defend and support. Christians have to get engaged in it. Jesus himself said, ‘There is a time to sell your coat and buy a sword.’ That was the weapon of their day.”

Joyner isn’t necessarily wrong about the impending war, but odds are it won’t be started by liberals who have plenty of reasons to be upset and angry, but rather people furious at, say, Donald Trump losing the 2020 election. Just a guess.

It’s also interesting to hear Joyner mention the “wrong” people getting in, when Jesus spent time with people that his society considered “wrong” as well. Jesus also called for people to turn the other cheek, not launch an army. How Joyner reconciles his politics with his Christian faith is anyone’s guess.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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