When a Preacher Cries Wolf, He Should Be Ignored September 6, 2019

When a Preacher Cries Wolf, He Should Be Ignored

The Christian group Intercessors for America, which is dedicated to offering thoughts and prayers and literally nothing else, posted this bizarre statement on Facebook yesterday:

The weatherman says, “a storm is coming” and everyone panics.

The preacher says, “Jesus is coming” and no one cares.

This is how you know you’re out of your depth on religious commentary…

If weathermen constantly said a storm was coming, and urged people to take action based on that storm, and demanded the government acquiesce to them because they knew the storm was coming, and then the storm never came, people wouldn’t take them seriously.

We would mock them every time they brought up the weather.

Unlike preachers, meteorologists have a strong track record. It’s not that every prediction is perfect, but every prediction is based on sound science and is right enough that you can base your outfit and travel plans on what they tell you will happen the next day. They’re not lying to you for the side benefits of being a meteorologist. They’re not asking you for cash to prop up their lifestyle or perpetuate their warning signals that never come with a payoff.

Just because you warn people about something doesn’t mean everyone has an obligation to take you seriously.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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