White House Spokesman: Mike Pence Isn’t Anti-Gay Since He’ll Eat Near Gay People September 3, 2019

White House Spokesman: Mike Pence Isn’t Anti-Gay Since He’ll Eat Near Gay People

In a tweet that he clearly thought was impressive when he made it, Judd Deere, the White House Deputy Press Secretary, said that Vice President Mike Pence isn’t actually anti-gay because he plans to have lunch with the head of Ireland and his partner.

See?! He’s breathing the same air as a gay couple! He’s eating near them while on a work trip! He’s not rejecting a meeting with a head of state because of his Christian bigotry, so everyone needs to give him credit!

The responses were… not kind.

It’s almost like people want to judge Pence based on his actions — signing a bill allowing anti-LGBTQ discrimination while governor of Indiana, blaming gay couples for “societal collapse,” opposing the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell by calling such a thing “social experimentation” — and not an obligatory work meeting that requires nothing more than sitting down and shoving food in his face.

Stay tuned for a future tweet in which Deere celebrates Pence having lunch with a woman who isn’t his wife…

When conservative Christians set the bar this low, they expect everyone to be impressed when they do the bare minimum.

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