Christian TV Host: Hurricane Dorian is a “False Flag” to Distract Americans September 3, 2019

Christian TV Host: Hurricane Dorian is a “False Flag” to Distract Americans

Right-wing commentator and conspiracy theorist Chris McDonald, who just last week said on his “The MC Files” show that Christians who oppose Donald Trump were betraying God, is showing just how seriously he takes that theory.

Along with “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor, the subject of the Liberty University-connected film The Trump Prophecy, McDonald said last night that Hurricane Dorian was a “false flag.”

I repeat: They said the hurricane that is currently ravaging the Bahamas and has already killed 5 people is just a piece of fiction designed by the “Deep State” to make Trump look bad.

McDonald insisted that it was not a coincidence that just as the news was focused on the fact that even though the Department of Justice had decided not to prosecute Comey for leaking memos chronicling his conversations with President Trump, the president and his associates were suggesting that Comey’s legal troubles were not over, when suddenly everyone turned their attention to the hurricane.

“When you get these stories and all of a sudden — boom — you’ve got an almost Category 6 storm,” McDonald said, “it does not take a genius to figure out it’s called a distraction and it’s called a false flag.”

“Absolutely, brother,” agreed Taylor

And then, just to raise your eyebrows even higher, McDonald added that this is all like what Hitler did because it’s designed to “literally… kill the will of man.”

You can write these men off as kooks but, again, Taylor is the subject of a Liberty-created hagiography. These guys may not be in the evangelical mainstream, but they’re also not on the fringes.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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