Atheists Are Raising Money to Help Victims of Hurricane Dorian September 2, 2019

Atheists Are Raising Money to Help Victims of Hurricane Dorian

Foundation Beyond Belief is currently raising money for recovery efforts for Hurricane Dorian.

There are plenty of non-profits that will be assisting in the aftermath of this disaster, but here, there’s the added benefit of giving along with other atheists for a common cause. The goal is to raise money now, vet potential recipient groups in the coming day or two, then disburse the funds as soon as possible.

As FBB says, “potential grantees go through a thorough vetting process to ensure they are secular, efficient, and are committed to long-term recovery.”

There’s a 100% passthrough rate, though you can donate enough to cover the processing charge. Some of the money may be used to assist FBB’s volunteers in the region.

Dorian is expected to move towards the Florida Peninsula as a Category 5. The storm will continue to move northwest along the coasts of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, bringing with it a serious risk of hurricane-force winds and storm surge. Please give now to our Hurricane Recovery 2019 appeal to help the communities most in need as quickly as possible during hurricane season. For more information and for updates, go here.

Any amount you can donate will be appreciated and put to good use. I know this organization well. I helped run it for several years. I can assure you the money is handled responsibly and honestly. You can see their financial statements here.

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