Alleged Child Molester Roy Moore: Muslims “Should Not Serve in Congress” September 2, 2019

Alleged Child Molester Roy Moore: Muslims “Should Not Serve in Congress”

In late 2017, just hours before Roy Moore lost his Senate race, his spokesperson Ted Crockett appeared on CNN for what became an unforgettable exchange with host Jake Tapper.

Moore had said in the past that Muslims shouldn’t be allowed in Congress, and Tapper asked Crockett if that was still true.

Crockett said it was, because all elected officials had to swear an oath on the Bible, and a Muslim couldn’t “do that ethically.” Tapper correctly responded that you can swear an oath on anything. There’s no reason it had to be the Bible.

And then Crockett just sat there for waaaaay too long in open-mouthed confusion.

In case you thought Moore might be any wiser about the issue today, now that he’s running for Senate again… well, you don’t know Roy Moore. There’s no bit of ignorance he won’t latch onto.

Last week, the Alabama Republican Party passed a resolution calling for Rep. Ilhan Omar‘s “expulsion” from Congress. (That’s not how anything works… but it’s the Alabama Republican Party. What were you expecting?)

Omar’s response was spot-on, letting the resolution slide off her back while telling the GOP, “maybe don’t nominate an accused child molester as your Senate candidate.”

Moore’s response was standard conservative Christian racism, telling Omar to “go back to Somalia from whence she came,” suggesting that immigrants have no business in Congress.

During an interview on a Huntsville radio station Friday, Moore elaborated on those comments and added that Omar literally had no business in Congress because she didn’t take an oath on the Bible.

“If you swear on the Koran, which does not allow religious liberty, does not support the Constitution of the United States — if you swear on the Koran, that contradicts the religious liberty given under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. It was founded on the God of the Holy Scriptures. And we recognize historically that it was that God who gave religious freedom. That’s why you have religious freedom in our country, because that is outside of government interference, except under the Koran.”

“So, I would say if they take an oath to the Koran — no, they should not serve in Congress,” Moore added.

You would think a guy who’s been Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court would have some understanding of the law… but, again, Alabama Republican. One who famously snuck a Ten Commandments monument into the courthouse in the middle of the night because the law never mattered to him.

A guy who hoists up his Bible while trampling on the Constitution has no business condemning a woman who placed her hand on the Qur’an and swore to uphold the Constitution. Omar, just like Jewish and atheist and Hindu representatives, deserves to be there. An alleged child molester who wants to create a theocracy doesn’t.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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