TX GOP Lawmaker Brags About Not Doing Anything Useful to Stop Gun Violence September 1, 2019

TX GOP Lawmaker Brags About Not Doing Anything Useful to Stop Gun Violence

Add Texas State Rep. Matt Schaefer to the ever-growing list of Republicans who thinks more prayer is the solution to a problem that prayer has never solved.

After the mass shooting in Odessa yesterday, the Republican chimed in with a bonkers Twitter thread reiterating how, as a legislator, he refused to do anything useful. Instead, he would pray, pray, pray, tell fathers to stay home, demand discipline at home, and a whole bunch of other gibberish that most conservative Christians might adore but sensible people realize won’t change a damn thing.

Schaefer is no stranger to saying idiotic things. In 2015, he amended a bill to include a ban on abortion if the “fetus has a severe and irreversible abnormality.” In other words, even if a fetus had no chance of survival, Schaefer wanted to force women to give birth to dead babies.

He referenced the Bible back then, too, saying, “suffering is “part of the human condition, since sin entered the world.”

His amendment passed, but the bill (thankfully) did not.

Schaefer has been in the State House since 2012. He’s always won comfortably, but he also hasn’t had a Democratic challenger the whole time (likely because Democrats would see it as a waste of resources in an unwinnable seat). There’s value in running a true progressive, though. In Texas, even if Schaefer isn’t defeated in 2020, giving Democrats a reason to turn out to vote for his opponent could help potential Senate and presidential candidates.

To people who wonder why the United States has so many of these mass shootings and no ability to do anything to stop it, the blame rests entirely on Republicans like Schaefer who have the power to be useful, but are too busy telling the world they’re “pro-life” to prevent another baby from getting shot in the face by a guy who never should’ve been able to get his hands on a weapon.

It’s no joke about the pro-life bragging. Schaefer boasts a “112%” score from Texas Right to Life. Because these people understand math as well as they understand how to govern.

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