Christian “Prophetess”: “I Have Authority” Over Hurricane Dorian, So Relax! August 31, 2019

Christian “Prophetess”: “I Have Authority” Over Hurricane Dorian, So Relax!

Kat Kerr, the self-proclaimed Christian “Prophetess” who thinks Heaven is home to cows driving tractors and a city made entirely out of Jell-O, also has a habit of commanding hurricanes to do her bidding and then taking credit if they aren’t as destructive as predicted.

So naturally she’s doing it now in anticipation of Hurricane Dorian.

We’re taking authority over the weather. Which we all know Jesus can do. Therefore we’ll be just like him. Jesus told us, ‘I give you power over all the powers of the enemy.’

And in case you’re wondering why we even have violent types of weather? Satan! He has the ability to jump into these storms or earthquakes because we don’t take our true power over him. But that’s changing!

“Dorian, that was just a tropical storm has now increased to a hurricane, but that means nothing to me because I have authority over it. I will not tolerate it!

“I command the hosts of heaven to go in there, right now, and pull down all of Satan’s power which is using this storm, Dorian, to bring destruction!”

Yep. That should do it. Though I didn’t see a scepter in the video, so maybe her powers aren’t as strong this weekend… uh-oh.

Stay safe, Florida.

(via Joe. My. God.)

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