Trump-Loving Pastor: “The Bible is the Constitution of the Government” August 28, 2019

Trump-Loving Pastor: “The Bible is the Constitution of the Government”

During a segment on The Jim Bakker Show, Pastor Francis Myles, last seen saying Donald Trump isn’t racist because God said so, claimed that the Bible is the real Constitution.

The actual Constitution? Doesn’t matter. The Founding Fathers had nothing on the people who put the Bible together.

Myles was referring to the late pastor Myles Munroe when he made his comment:

“He said, ‘The problem with Christians is that we read the Bible as though it is a religious book,’” Myles said. “The Bible is the constitution of the government, it’s the constitution of the kingdom. Jesus was the head of state. He came here as the head of state, so the Bible is God revealing his mind about how his government runs.”

If a Muslim leader said that about the Qur’an in a Middle Eastern country, we’d rightly call it a theocracy.

The statement also contradicts what many Christians believe. They would tell you Jesus represents the kingdom of Heaven, not Earth. (Actually, Jesus deliberately rebelled against the Earthly kingdom of His day by healing people on the Sabbath and refusing to stone adulterers.)

And is Myles even aware that most of the Founders were Deists? They didn’t want one religion imposed on the masses. It was kind of a big deal at the time.

Before talking about the Bible or the Constitution, maybe this guy should try reading at least one of them.

But before anyone could call him out on his absurd statement, Myles moved on to defending Trump’s cruel and inhumane immigration policy. He said that God requires special permission to get into Heaven, therefore, whatever Trump does is fine.

We are here to preach the Gospel to give visas to people to go to Heaven, because if you refuse Jesus, that is God’s immigration policy. If you refuse Jesus and you die without knowing Jesus, you are not going to Heaven. Which means that Heaven cannot be entered into just because you want to go there. So God’s kingdom does have an immigration policy. So if God’s kingdom has it, then how can we accuse President Trump or any country, for that matter, that wants to control its immigration system if God controls his?”

Even if we follow his analogy, he doesn’t make any sense. The majority of immigrants coming into this country are seeking safety from violence. They want asylum. That’s still legal. Jesus wants people to come to Heaven. If they asked to go there by following His rules, He would accept. Part of the point of Christianity is radical inclusiveness. Not kicking people out when they need you the most.

What sort of pastor celebrates a government and a God who do everything in their power to shut people out when they have the choice of welcoming them in?

(via Right Wing Watch)

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