Catholic Priest Arrested for Tying Up, Blindfolding, and Throwing Boy in Closet August 22, 2019

Catholic Priest Arrested for Tying Up, Blindfolding, and Throwing Boy in Closet

According to files seized from the Catholic Diocese of Kalamazoo by the Michigan Attorney General’s office in a 2018 raid, Father Brian Stanley allegedly punished a child in 2013 by wrapping him in plastic and duct tape, covering up his eyes and mouth, and throwing him in a janitor’s closet for an hour (if not more). The files suggest he did this on more than one occasion.

Stanley has now been criminally charged with false imprisonment (which is when you “imprison” someone without his or her consent) and remains in jail on a $100,000 bond.

The Diocese, however, says they reported all of this to authorities the second they first heard about it.

“We promptly placed Fr. Brian Stanley on administrative leave [in 2013] pending the outcome of the police investigation. According to the Otsego Police Department, ‘the complaint was not criminal and there would be no charges.’ “Four years later, the Diocese learned of additional allegations involving Fr. Stanley. We reported these incidents to the Coldwater Police Department; no charges were filed by law enforcement. We placed Fr. Stanley on administrative leave from active ministry in January 2017. He remains on administrative leave and is prohibited from public ministry.

It’s unclear if they followed the proper protocols in those cases, but it’s disturbing that they didn’t take more internal action against Stanley from the moment they heard he might be inflicting this kind of punishment.

Even beyond the sex abuse scandal, the recent investigations into the Catholic Church by various attorneys general show no shortage of examples of priests behaving badly — or possibly criminally. The more these stories come to light, the harder it becomes for any decent person to call himself or herself a Catholic. Why would you want to belong to any group that hoists up men like this as leaders?

(via Christian Nightmares)

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