Pastor: I Asked God if Trump Was Racist, and God Said No, So It’s Settled August 20, 2019

Pastor: I Asked God if Trump Was Racist, and God Said No, So It’s Settled

Appearing on The Jim Bakker Show today, Pastor Francis Myles (who believes you can “supernaturally change your DNA“) explained that Donald Trump wasn’t racist.

How does he know? Because he asked God.

I asked God about that. And I said, I said, “God” — and, you know… it’s good to know God where you can talk to him… because He really wants to talk to us about these day-to-day issues. And I said to the Lord, “You know, Lord, is Trump a racist?”

And God said to me — it was the fastest “No” God has ever given me. He says, “No, he’s not.”

Well. I guess that settles everything.

Myles is blissfully ignoring all the evidence of Trump being racist, from refusing to rent apartments to African American tenants, to his comments about “shithole” countries, to Birtherism, to defending white supremacists, to his recent attacks against congresswomen of color even though other white Democrats have said similar things, to everything in between.

Or maybe Myles reacted too soon and God was really saying, “No shit.”

In any case, whitewashing or ignoring Trump’s racism is a hallmark for today’s conservatives. They can’t even handle being reminded of slavery.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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