Columbus Co. Sheriff’s Office (NC) Adds “In God We Trust” to All Logos August 19, 2019

Columbus Co. Sheriff’s Office (NC) Adds “In God We Trust” to All Logos

In a change no one needed and that will make no one safer, the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina decided to get a new logo for all cars and buildings.

Here’s what the old ones looked like… followed by the new ones.

See? Don’t you feel better protected already?

According to the News Reporter, there’s no real justification for the change other than Republican Sheriff Jody Greene really really wants it.

“We are trying to change the image of the Sheriff’s Office,” Sheriff Jody Greene said. “We are striving to build pride in our employees, through training and good equipment. And with this, we can gain the respect of the citizens we serve and protect.”

“It’s been good for morale as well as appearances,” Chief Deputy Aaron Herring said. “The new uniforms and patches are consistent with the new logo and new insignia for the cars.”

I see nothing in the new logo that would give me any sense of pride or security in that office. If they’re asking God for help, maybe they need better training.

The office’s Facebook page said there’s “no extra cost for the change.” There won’t be any lawsuit either, I figure, since it’s near impossible to stop “In God We Trust” slogans from being plastered wherever Christian Nationalists want them.

If you have anything on your car signifying your atheism, you may want to avoid that part of the state. It’s clear this office is more interested in promoting Christianity than treating everybody fairly.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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