A Preacher Claims He Miraculously Healed a Polio-Stricken Man’s Short Leg August 16, 2019

A Preacher Claims He Miraculously Healed a Polio-Stricken Man’s Short Leg

Todd White, a self-described former “drug addict and atheist,” now tries to bring people to Jesus through his “Lifestyle Christianity” ministry.

About a month ago, he posted a video on his YouTube page in which he told the story of how God helped him perform a miracle. He met a pastor from Pennsylvania whose one leg was shorter than the other due to polio. Through prayer, he says, he was able to grow the man’s leg back to regular size.

The story begins around the 2:01 mark after White says the pastor didn’t accept the idea of faith-based healing.

… I said to him, I said, “Man,” I said, “I noticed you limping when you came to your car.” And then when I told my testimony, he was really happy, but when I started to share about the miraculous, he was like, “Okay, we’re pretty much done.”

I said, “Well, wait a second.” I said, “You have a leg that’s short, obviously.”

He says, “I was born with polio.”

I’m like, “No way!” So he’s a head pastor of a church in Harrisburg. And I said to him, I said, “Man,” I said, “I would love to pray for you.” He goes, “Man, I’m really good. [I was] born this way. Look, God doesn’t do that anymore.”

I said, “Well, if he doesn’t do it, then let me pray for you, because nothing will happen.”

And he’s like, “Well, I don’t care if you pray for me.”

So I said, “All right… I need to see your feet.”

So he had a three-and-a-half inch short leg, ’cause polio made it really small, and he’s hobbling. I said to him, “Man,” I said, “Well look, here’s the deal” — and I have his feet in my hands — and I said, “If Jesus doesn’t heal, then your leg’s not gonna grow. But if it grows, you’ve got to change everything.”

He looked at me. He goes, “I ain’t changing nothing.”

I go, “Okay, Jesus, I thank you for this leg growing out right now.” And the muscles filled out in his leg, and his leg grew out three-and-a-half inches.

That… never happened. I promise you that never happened. These kinds of stories are never true, and they always lack basic kinds of evidence.

But White insists it happened… which means it’s perfectly reasonable to ask some follow-up questions.

That’s what Christian Steven Kozar at The Messed Up Church is doing. In fact, he really wants to hear from this mystery pastor!

This man must have been changed forever by this miraculous healing and we’re sure he would want to tell the whole world about what the Lord has done. We would love to see before and after photos and, of course, we’d really love to see the medical reports of this incredible miracle!

You know things are bad when someone who thinks Jesus rose from the dead implies that your “miracle” story is nonsense. But Kozar goes on to point out holes in White’s story.

For example, White said the pastor was “born with polio.” But you can’t be born with polio. It’s not genetic. Also, how did a pastor from Pennsylvania getting polio when it was effectively eradicated decades ago? If this pastor was one of the rare cases of “wild” polio (which doesn’t even occur in the U.S. anymore), then he ought to be even easier to find!

Also, what “head pastor” of a Christian church says God doesn’t heal? That is highly unusual. It’s the very reason so many Christians pray when their loved ones are sick — because they hope that God will heal them.

There are a number of other anomalies noted on the site, humorously summarized by Kozar this way:

Todd White healed an unnamed lead pastor whose church denomination taught that God did NOT heal people. Ever. This unbelieving pastor was born with polio and had his three and a half inch short leg fixed (but Todd didn’t say whether the polio was healed). Todd was working as an ice delivery man in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania while doing a whole bunch of other things, like traveling around the world, teaching and preaching and healing people everywhere he went while he was also making lots and lot of videos and TV appearances. This happened from around mid-2009 to the time when Todd stopped working at the ice delivery company and went into full-time ministry, but it’s hard to know when that is, since it seems impossible that Todd could have held a regular job as an ice delivery man while doing all of those other things.

White can clear all of this up by just telling us who the pastor is and where we can find him. Because this is an incredible story that needs to be told with proof!

Don’t hold your breath, though.

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