4 Women Say “That ’70s Show” Star Raped Them, and Scientology Covered It Up August 16, 2019

4 Women Say “That ’70s Show” Star Raped Them, and Scientology Covered It Up

Hollywood actor and Scientologist Danny Masterson, best known for his role in That ‘70s Show, was just sued by four women who say he raped them, and that the Church of Scientology covered it up.

This isn’t the first time that Masterson has been drawn into the #MeToo fray. I covered the allegations in 2017 when Chrissie Bixler, Masterson’s ex-girlfriend, said the cult they both belonged to brainwashed her into believing the intra-relationship assault could not be considered rape.

Now, Bixler has joined three other women who have accused Masterson of rape to take the charges out of the Church and media and into a courtroom. The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, goes after Masterson, the Church of Scientology, and the Church’s leader David Miscavige.

The suit accuses Scientology, which has long been accused of illegal and unethical conduct, and Masterson of engaging in stalking, physical invasion of privacy and a conspiracy to obstruct justice, among other allegations detailed in the complaint that HuffPost obtained from a source who provided a copy on the condition that they not be identified.

Of course, Masterson’s representatives are outraged:

This is beyond ridiculous,” Masterson said through his attorney. “I’m not going to fight my ex-girlfriend in the media like she’s been baiting me to do for more than two years. I will beat her in court — and look forward to it because the public will finally be able to learn the truth and see how I’ve been railroaded by this woman. And once her lawsuit is thrown out, I intend to sue her, and the others who jumped on the bandwagon, for the damage they caused me and my family.”

That’s a bizarre way of just stating, “I didn’t do it.” Instead, he cast the situation as a domestic incident, which would seemingly support what Bixler has said regarding the Church’s stance on rapes that occur within a relationship.

Whatever the truth is, I hope the court uncovers it and that justice is served.

***Update***: An attorney for the Church of Scientology issued this statement to me in response to the lawsuit:

This baseless lawsuit will go nowhere because the claims are ludicrous and a sham. It’s a dishonest and hallucinatory publicity stunt. Leah Remini is taking advantage of these people as pawns in her moneymaking scam.

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