Oklahoma Youth Pastor Charged With Raping Underage Girls August 14, 2019

Oklahoma Youth Pastor Charged With Raping Underage Girls

Add another tally mark to the running total: An Oklahoma youth pastor and former teacher was just charged with raping a child.

34-year-old Justin White, a former public school teacher and youth pastor at Spiro Baptist Church in LeFlore County, was arrested and charged with rape and lewd molestation, according to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI).

White was the baseball coach at Smithville Public School. During the 2013-2014 school year, “he allegedly had sexual intercourse with a female student several times at his residence located on school property,” according to the OSBI’s announcement.

OSBI agents spoke with another female who was a member of the Spiro Baptist Church youth group when White was the youth pastor. The female, who was underage at the time, told investigators White would take her upstairs at the church to be alone and allegedly inappropriately touched and kissed her.

First of all, the allegation should not be that he had “sexual intercourse” with a “female student.” He allegedly raped a child. There’s no reason to mince words there.

At least he’s been arrested. OSBI officials cuffed him at the church he currently works at: Clayton Avenue Baptist Church in Hugo. They have yet to make a public statement. Instead, they just took down their Facebook page.

Hopefully, the justice system will take the allegations seriously. There’s no indication the churches did.

(Thanks to Avery for the link)

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