AL GOP Senate Candidate Blames Gun Violence on Our Country’s “Spiritual Deficit” August 14, 2019

AL GOP Senate Candidate Blames Gun Violence on Our Country’s “Spiritual Deficit”

One of the Republicans running for Senate from Alabama — besides alleged child molester Roy Moore — is Secretary of State John Merrill. Because he’s trying to win over conservative Christians, Merrill said last month that TV was unwatchable because of all the “homosexual activities.”

Now he’s spreading a different kind of ignorance.

Writing for the Yellowhammer News, Merrill says that Donald Trump had nothing to do with the recent mass shooting in El Paso, in which the suspected killer basically cited right-wing, anti-immigrant talking points that were amplified by Trump and FOX News.

So stop blaming Trump, says Merrill. Stop blaming guns, too.

Instead, blame a lack of religion.

Hollywood and the film industry are forcing a liberal agenda on us that markets violence to our children, puts more money behind the marketing of video games with a purpose of killing, and they have changed family-friendly prime-time viewing into several jam-packed hours of violence and out of control socialist agendas that tear apart the family unit.

What we need is more prayer that teaches what Matthew 7:12 speaks of when he said, “Therefore, however you want people to treat you, so treat them.” We need more thoughts that teach our children to respect life and call out bullying, violence, and aggression. And we need to renew our faith because more gun laws will not solve a moral problem.

We do not have a gun control problem, we have a spiritual deficit problem, and by making this a matter of faith, we can confront evil head-on.

He’s wrong. But even if he was right, the easy access to deadly weapons that that kill dozens of people in a handful of seconds exacerbates every problem he’s supposedly worried about.

It’s been discussed ad nauseam why video games and TV and “socialist agendas” have little to do with gun violence. Other countries have all of the above without the gun deaths. Other countries have less religion, too.

Merrill is one of those Christians with power who really does think “thoughts and prayers” are a legitimate solution to gun violence. He’s against restrictions and background checks on who can buy guns and against licenses for those who own them.

In short, he offers nothing useful when it comes to preventing gun violence. But he’s happy to use the issue as a way to push his religion on everybody.

Merrill also says in his piece that, in Alabama, “we are mocked for allowing prayer in school.” The state is mocked, yes — for good reason — but every state allows prayer in school. It’s appalling that he doesn’t understand this. Kids can pray if they want to and no one is trying to stop them. That’s just as true in California as it is in Alabama, and if anyone tried to take that right away from students, you can bet that liberal groups would be first in line to defend those kids’ freedom.

Sen. Doug Jones, the Democrat who beat Roy Moore last time around, is bound to have a tough re-election campaign next year, but he’s so much better than every single GOP candidate. Please consider donating to his campaign so that someone like Merrill doesn’t replace him.

(Screenshot via YouTube. Thanks to Jerod for the link)

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