For Some Reason, Christians Are Praising a Kid for His “Worship” in Church August 13, 2019

For Some Reason, Christians Are Praising a Kid for His “Worship” in Church

I need your help to understand this one.

A Facebook video featuring a little boy singing at a church service has been shared more than 14,000 times (as of this writing) with a caption that reads “Watch this baby worship! Lord, please make my heart like this child’s.”

What characteristic of that child am I supposed to emulate?

He’s mimicking the people around him. He’s singing a song he’s familiar with. That’s what kids his age do. I have a toddler who loves “Old Town Road,” dance moves and everything. It’s all kinds of cute. It doesn’t bring me closer to Jesus.

And yet the commenters on this post make it sound like something magical is happening.

I’ve watched this 4-5 times, and tears have filled my eyes, my heart overflowing at the purity and sweetness of this. How marvelous! Precious!!

The spirit is in him!!!

the obvious joy and love that this baby feels in his heart for the Lord is just so wonderful to watch.

This little boy has such understanding and sincerity. He brings me to tears every time I watch him.

I love everything about this video. Nothing purer than a child’s heart which is why it’s the best time to introduce them to Jesus.

At least all the references to “child-like faith” are right. There’s nothing more infantile than someone just following the crowd and going through the motions, and there’s nothing more Christian than praising that someone for his inability to think for himself.

I’m not knocking the kid here. He’s doing what kids do. But by all means, feel free to criticize the commenters who are acting like this is anything more than a cute video of a child pretend-singing a song he’s heard before and imitating the movements of the people around him.

Can you imagine if this child were reciting a verse from the Qur’an or singing a Hindu mantra? You know the same commenters would call it brainwashing. But when it’s their myth the child is parroting, they treat him like a king and praise his parents for raising him right.

Call it adorable if you want, but let’s not pretend it’s a sign of his devotion to a myth he doesn’t understand.

(Thanks to Barbara for the link)

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