Sandy Rios: Liberals Who Trash White Supremacy Are “Talking About Christianity” August 9, 2019

Sandy Rios: Liberals Who Trash White Supremacy Are “Talking About Christianity”

Every now and then, conservatives say the quiet part out loud and give away the game.

The American Family Association’s Sandy Rios did that yesterday when she said on her radio show that criticizing white supremacy, as many progressives have been doing, is synonymous to criticizing conservative Christianity.

We know, Sandy. We know.

Rios also added that it’s not fair to compare Donald Trump to a Nazi because Nazis killed some white people, and therefore they were totally not racist.

“It’s not about your skin color and when they go further and compare President Trump to Nazis and their white racism, it’s really silly because, remember, the Nazis killed thousands, hundreds of thousands, of people, but guess what? They were white,” Rios said. “The Nazis were Aryan supremacists. They had a certain superhuman race they wanted to develop and most white people did not qualify.”

She continued, “So when the left is talking about white supremacism, they’re talking about the roots of this country. They’re talking about Christianity. They’re talking about hard work, about capitalism and free-market values. They’re talking about everything that has made America what it is. That’s what they mean.”

Considering that plenty of progressive Christians have used the phrase “white supremacy” to describe this administration’s driving force, the idea that liberals hate Christianity is just a right-wing lie. No one’s against hard work. No one’s against capitalism as long as workers aren’t being screwed out of what they’re owed by CEOs who are purely driven by their own greed.

If you hear people trashing white supremacy, and your first thought is They’re talking about me, then you’re the problem.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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