NRA Board Member Ken Blackwell Blames Mass Shootings on “Hearts Without God” August 6, 2019

NRA Board Member Ken Blackwell Blames Mass Shootings on “Hearts Without God”

It’s hardly shocking that a leader of the NRA would be eager to distance his weapons of choice from this weekend’s mass shootings, but to do so with such a careless meme is an indication of how little these conservatives care about human lives. They’ll throw any excuse against the wall to see if it sticks, as long as it doesn’t involve gun safety legislation.

NRA board member Ken Blackwell, Ohio’s former Secretary of State and a research fellow at the anti-LGBTQ Christian group Family Research Council, posted this meme on his Facebook page on Sunday:

The problem is not guns, it’s hearts without God, homes without discipline, schools without prayer, and courtrooms without justice.

As if shooters are murdering people while screaming the word “Evolution” at the top of their lungs… Is Blackwell aware that there have been shootings in churches and synagogues? Prayer doesn’t prevent shootings, and the culprits, at least in these recent cases, were very clear about their anti-immigrant motivations.

There’s also a watermark in the upper left part of that image featuring a skull logo with the Roman numeral III on it. That’s a reference to the anti-government Three Percenters militia group that believes violence is necessary to prevent gun control laws from being enacted.

It’s not the first time Blackwell has said something idiotic — shocking, I know. In 2014, he blamed a mass shooting in California on gay marriage.

With leaders like him, the NRA can’t fall apart fast enough.

(via Media Matters for America. Featured screenshot via YouTube)

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