Mike Huckabee: Mass Shootings Are Caused By “Disconnecting from a God” August 5, 2019

Mike Huckabee: Mass Shootings Are Caused By “Disconnecting from a God”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, but he was back in old form this morning on FOX News Channel, where he blamed godlessness for the mass shootings that occurred over the weekend:

… The common denominator in all of this is not the particular weapon. It’s the hate inside the heart. It’s the loss of morality. It’s that disconnecting from a God who values all people and who would never let me do that to another person, because I would be basically doing it to God and to myself, to just destroy another human life. That’s just not how we’re hardwired from the father above. That’s what I believe hurts me the most is that we’ve got a lot of our country that are utterly disconnected from any sense of identity with their Creator and with his love for them and his love for the people that they hate.

Neither of the shooters this weekend killed people in the name of Richard Dawkins. They didn’t target believers. They weren’t inspired by atheism.

Their own words, echoes of the racist and xenophobic rhetoric amplified by Donald Trump and the Republican Party, speak for themselves. Not believing in the supernatural had nothing to do with it.

There’s also a heavy dose of irony in Huckabee claiming that hate is the problem when it’s his party’s leader who spreads much of it, with a larger pulpit, than just about anyone else. Huckabee is as concerned about hate just as he is about telling lies; both are acceptable if they advance his political interests.

(via Media Matters for America)

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