Christian TV Host: The Mass Shootings Were a “Deep State” Plot to Block Worship August 5, 2019

Christian TV Host: The Mass Shootings Were a “Deep State” Plot to Block Worship

Right-wing commentator and conspiracy theorist Chris McDonald is the latest Christian to chime in on the real explanation for the mass shootings that took place over the weekend in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

The good news is that he’s not blaming gay people. But instead, he’s blaming the Deep State… for apparently trying to stop people for worshiping God.

“There is a spiritual war over this country,” he said. “When you see things that take place like you saw last night in El Paso and Dayton, it’s nothing but the devil. The guns didn’t do this; people did this full of the devil and they were demon-possessed and these people are being used as pawns in this elite, deep state game to control this country, to take the guns away, to take any freedom away that we’ve got.”

“Listen to me,” McDonald added. “It’s not just about the guns, it’s about your ability to worship. It’s all tied together, because if they can take your guns away, they can take your ability to worship God away and they are trying to do everything in one swoop.

I’m impressed by how the simplest explanation — easy access to guns mixed with openly racist beliefs — is right in front of him and yet he jumped to a secret plot to destroy Christianity by killing a bunch of innocent people…

Even if you run with his (let’s call it) logic, wouldn’t it make more sense to enact legislation to stop demon-possessed people from acquiring weapons…?

(via Right Wing Watch)

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