Preacher Blames TX Shooting on Nation Having “Thrown Out the Ten Commandments” August 4, 2019

Preacher Blames TX Shooting on Nation Having “Thrown Out the Ten Commandments”

Another mass shooting, another manifesto suggesting this was a white supremacist who feared a “Hispanic invasion,” another round of useless thoughts and prayers.

And you knew this would come, too: Another Christian suggesting this was caused by a lack of forced religion in public school.

Evangelist Ray Comfort posted a video last night offering his theory as to why this incident occurred. It’s the dumbest thing he’s said since claiming bananas were atheists’ worst nightmare.

… once again, experts are mystified as to why this is happening so often. The answer to this question isn’t complicated. As a nation, we’ve thrown out the Ten Commandments, and that’s left a generation without a measuring rod of good and evil

Jesus H. Christ, he acts like shooters would see the phrase “Thou shalt not kill” — after they made it through the earlier ones about not worshiping false idols or taking the Lord’s name in vain — and suddenly put their guns away. A list of rules that doesn’t even include “Thou shalt not rape” and “Thou shalt say no to slavery” is hardly a comprehensive ethical guide.

Plus, this happened in Texas, one of the most religious states in the country. And the targets were Hispanic, arguably the most religious group of people in the country.

The problem wasn’t a lack of God. It’s never a lack of God. The people in charge of our politics — nationally and in Texas — never stop telling us how devout they are. Maybe they’re the problem, not the lack of forced Christianity in public spaces.

Prayers won’t stop mass shootings. They never have.

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