Conservative Christians Are Trashing “Christians Against Christian Nationalism” August 2, 2019

Conservative Christians Are Trashing “Christians Against Christian Nationalism”

I mentioned yesterday that a number of prominent liberal Christians had created a loose network called “Christians Against Christian Nationalism,” denouncing the right-wing idea that to be truly American meant being a (specific kind of) Christian. The movement had the support of nearly two dozen leaders and countless people who just wanted to offer their signature in agreement.

As expected, there’s already backlash from conservative Christians who think they’re being persecuted by their fellow believers.

Cheryl Chumley of the (conservative) Washington Times insists that any Christians backing this new group are “very un-Christian.” That’s because they support, for example, LGBTQ rights.

… Just how “Christian” is this “Christians Against Christian Nationalism” movement in the first place?

After all, if these CACN types see the Bible as their rally call to fight against borders — which is another way of bucking the rule of law — why can’t they see it’s this same Bible that makes clear homosexuality, to God, is an abomination?

… when CACN endorsers write that “conflating religious authority with political authority is idolatrous and often leads to oppression of minority and other marginalized groups,” they’re not referring, say, to Sharia law, and how its Muslim adherents, working within the confines of government, toss homosexuals off buildings, or publicly cane women for the crime of walking in public without a face covering. No. They’re talking about Christian conservatives who stand for the rule of law.

They’re talking about Christian conservatives who believe in traditional marriage.

They’re talking about Trump, his supporters and those who believe in border controls.

They’re trying to draw moral equivalencies between religions that behead those of different faiths and religions of those in the Republican Party.

There’s the conservative Christian mindset for you: We don’t behead people, therefore stop saying we’re awful people.

Except they are awful. They support (or don’t mind) family separation, the inhumane treatment of refugees, the domestic terrorist attacks by Trump supporters, our weak gun laws, Trump’s racism, Trump’s alleged sexual assaults (plural), Trump’s ignorance, etc.

Chumley is especially mad at the implication of racism:

They mean this: “Leave Rep. Omar Ilhan alone.”

Yes. Yes they do. Criticize her ideas, not where she came from, and stop pretending she’s not fully American when she’s been here longer than Trump’s latest wife.

In any case, you know your ideas are bad when you have to condemn those who are criticizing Christian Nationalism. That term accurately describes so many conservative Christians who believe not thinking exactly like them is tantamount to heresy, and this response is a perfect reflection of that.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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