Teen Driver Who Caused Fatal Crash Says God Told Him to Kill Himself July 26, 2019

Teen Driver Who Caused Fatal Crash Says God Told Him to Kill Himself

Late Monday night in Louisiana, 18-year-old Jack Jordan drove 90 miles per hour straight into an oncoming vehicle driven by 51-year-old Stephanie Payne. (The speed limit was 45 mph.)

She died. He didn’t.

He’s now saying he was instructed by God to cause the crash in order to end his own life.

“Mr. Jordan stated that God instructed him to kill himself, therefore he accelerated his vehicle to purposely strike another vehicle to end his life,” his arrest report says…

Jordan was arrested on second-degree murder for the death of Payne, as well as reckless operation of a vehicle and simple escape.

State police say there’s no evidence of mental illness or alcohol.

If that’s true, then it means Jordan sincerely believed God was sending him a message urging suicide… and he ended up taking someone else’s life instead. It’s faith-based homicide. It’s bad enough that he had a personal death wish; it’s downright infuriating (an understatement) that he was so selfish that he never took into account what his actions would do to an innocent driver.

Payne was a grief counselor and motivational speaker, having lost her daughter in 2016. You can read more about her life here.

(Thanks to Kealoha for the link)

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