New Mexico Woman Steals Food from Sonic Restaurant, Saying “This One’s on God!” July 25, 2019

New Mexico Woman Steals Food from Sonic Restaurant, Saying “This One’s on God!”

On Monday, Delila Hernandez rode her bike to a Sonic restaurant in Las Cruces, New Mexico and ordered some food. When the server brought it out to her and asked for payment, she refused to give it to him, saying God would cover the meal.

God did not hand over a credit card.

[Hernandez] allegedly told him, “this one’s on God.”

The server told her, “That’s not how this works,” and tried to keep the food from her, but the woman allegedly threatened him and came toward him for the meal.

Court documents state the server, in fear of getting harmed, gave the woman the meal she’d ordered and ran back into the restaurant where he called police.

The police found Hernandez in a local park and arrested her. She said she was “starving,” which is hardly an excuse for stealing food, using God’s name as an excuse, and threatening an innocent server. This isn’t Les Misérables. Still, she may get a reduced sentence. Right now, the punishments range from nothing at all to a combination of a petty misdemeanor charge, a fine, and being forced to pay back the restaurant.

If it’s the latter, God won’t help her there either.

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Dan for the link)

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